Hey everyone! So, nearly three months later, here we are! 🙂 Seriously though, it’s been ages and I haven’t really felt inspired to write anything as I’ve been just enjoying the steps of my own journey. As of late, I’ve felt like I am in a place of creating. After a season of so much […]

It came and it went. January 18, 2014 was the official one-year anniversary of my move to Fredericksburg. It has been the most amazing, life-changing year. It has also been one of the most challenging, but God is my shepherd and is taking care of me. I’m seeing dreams come to fruition and am truly […]

I’m going to stay a bit more superficial with this and address the physical starting over I’m currently experiencing–perhaps you can relate in some way, perhaps not. This is entirely new for me, but it seems to be the theme of my recent past, and I am grateful to have the breath in my lungs […]

As a fitness professional, I am frequently if I work out every day. The answer is a resounding “NO!” Though, few years ago, the answer might have been a hesitant “no” because I really wanted to or may have, but didn’t want to be considered obsessive (because I was). I have since discovered a healthy […]

The circuit that “might be kind of tough, but it really doesn’t seem that bad” on paper, and then actually doing it and spending the last half of it telling yourself “don’t puke..don’t puke..don’t puke..” If you are in a time crunch, you can easily knock out Circuit #1 and #2 in less than 10 […]

The theme for the month of July is “Overcoming”—I contemplated ending the month with this post, but decided that its importance is so great that I would start with it and build from there. In order to have a strong house, it needs a strong foundation. Before I try and get too crazy with writing […]

In the 4 years I have been involved in the fitness industry to some capacity, I have run the gamut in the populations I have worked with. I started out with kids and youth fitness, moved to a blend of youth and adult fitness, was strictly adult fitness (personal training and group exercise), and have […]