Monthly Archives: April 2012

I don’t have access to a gym! Help!

While I have met many people through the YMCA–both working and working out–I have met many more outside of here who have no gym membership.  A major conflict with fitness and outdoor exercise that we have in the North is called “Winter” and for those without gym access, this makes exercising difficult, and not exercising […]

I Need To Stay In My Fat-Burning Heart Rate Range!

I have had this conversation twice in the past week with two different clients of mine: Client: “I need to stay in my ideal fat-burning heart rate range.” Sarah: “Do you have a heart rate monitor?” Client: “No..” Sarah: “Do you ever measure your heart rate?” Client: “No..” Sarah: “Then giving you numbers would be […]


Round two of “questions from friends” 🙂  A lot of the questions really come down to one thing, and that is how your body responds to exercise to achieve results.  Effective exercise is not easy–but nothing that is worthwhile in the end follows an easy path.  But, as Shannon asked, “Do you really have to […]

The World’s Best Abdominal Exercise

Abs. Six-packs. Washboards. Everyone wants them, yet only the elite athletes who spend hours a day training seem to be able to achieve them. Nearly every Olympian, male and female, you will see has the physique we all want, including a shredded six-pack. How do we get those muscles out from “under the covers”? “Some […]