That “One Thing”

This is one of my only non-fitness related posts so far, and as much as I preach “total wellness” encompassing so much more than the physical health, I need to start branching into the other areas that contribute to overall wellness.
I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately during my downtime, which has included everything from my commutes, to intentionally separating myself from humanity for a period of time, to sleepless nights, to my over-analytical and racing mind that is brainstorming even during conversations with people. As important as relationships are, I’ve never been very good at them. I understand how to develop them, I just do not like the vulnerability that deep relationships require. I do not like having to ask for advice for the here and now—I would by far rather make a mistake and learn from it than ask for help. That is pride, and it will ultimately lead to my demise.  Pastor Sean spoke last Saturday about the importance of reading the Word—it is literally food for the soul and brings us life! I know I can’t just flip it open every few days, read a verse, and be set, but that would be more nourishment than  I have given myself over the past few weeks.  I happened to flip it open recently, I forget when, but came across the following verse: “Pride leads to strife, but with the well-advised there is wisdom.”-Proverbs 13:10
I didn’t think much about how that applied to me at the time, because verses that convict always apply to everyone but me, however it has been a kick in the pants for the past 2 days.  Talk about speaking to where I’m at and being too deaf to hear it.  I’m not much of a sit down, drink coffee, and chat kind of person—I’m a “let’s get up with our coffee, go for a walk, and talk” kind of girl. I always said that I want a husband who will walk, run, bike, hike, etc. with me because I do the best at building relationships in those environments.  One thing I have known I needed to do more of is leisurely walking, but I find it quite dreadful to do alone most days.  A few girls from church have wanted to make going for walks together more of a frequent occurrence, and I was definitely in.  Sadly, I did not put 2+2 together until yesterday.  I get to get my walks in, but more importantly I get to build relationships with these wonderful girls and get solid insight and counsel if needed.
I was very blessed by a God who knows I’m thick-headed and sometimes needs to stand in front of me with a flashing neon sign for me to even recognize that the very thing I’ve asked for is there, and I’m going to be praying that you receive what it is that you need.  He is a good God, He loves you, and knows each need you have. I recently was in Florida with some dear friends, and the words “Jesus knows what’s up,” flew out of my mouth without thinking, but it’s very true. He knows what is going on in every area of your life and knows exactly what you need—you may not receive what you want, but you will receive what you need. 🙂
My challenge to you: What is one PERSONAL habit change that you need to make? You know, that one thing that has been echoing in the back of your mind that you have done nothing about? (Yet.) 🙂


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