No, I am not talking about mathematical constants like Pi and Euclid’s Number, and though they would be interesting talking points philosophically, I will not geek out on you. Yet. I’m talking about constants in your life.

Today was not one of my best.  I left the house feeling very defeated and frustrated because I hate failure. Not performing at 100% all the time, not upholding a commitment (anyone out there slept through an appointment or an alarm and missed an important part of your day?) and not being able to coordinate my schedule with work and the schedules of 12 other people makes me feel like a failure. I reached an interesting realization and conclusion as I was headed to work tonight—despite the craziness, frustration, and defeats, I still have constants that keep me on-track. After some reflecting and having to be brutally honest with myself at what and who is a priority in my life, these are my current top four “constants.”

Number one is my relationship with Jesus—He is my anchor, and even when life’s storms are throwing me every which way, I have someone solid keeping me grounded with truth. Everything that passes through Him is for my good and will ultimately refine me. There is true life in Jesus, and when all is said and done, He is the one I come back to always. 🙂

Number two is the consistency of my current nutrition and workout regimen—I really wish that this one could be “family” (which is next),“friends” or something far more noble, but right now, this is helping me TREMENDOUSLY with keeping some of my schedule consistent and has given me structure for my nutrition. If my schedule is out-of-whack and overwhelming me, I completely shut down and cannot function and my relationships all suffer.

Number three is family—we don’t always get along the best all the time and we may butt heads, but family is going nowhere. You can choose your friends, you can choose your pets, you can choose your car, but you can’t choose your family—you’re stuck with them (I should say mine is stuck with me.) Our schedules don’t always match up, but I treasure my time with them and am always…ALWAYS…challenged and refreshed.

Number four is friends—some old, some new, but all precious and dear to me. My friends have been tremendously important in my life as I have gone through some difficult seasons that would have been absolutely terrible to weather on my own—and trust me, I tried and failed miserably.  I was recently in the wedding of one of my best friends, and spending those four days with people that have seen me in the best and worst of times, are some of the most interesting and fun people you could ever meet, and are the biggest crowd of encouragers in my life. I include some of my coworkers in this, as they’ve spurred me onward both personally and professionally. Huge shout-out to my boss, Ink, who is one of the most fantastic people you could know.  We have many conversations about balance, scheduling, handling stress, etc. and she understands how to see the bigger picture, when I completely miss the forest because all I see are leaves. (I know most people see trees, but I’m an odd egg and meticulously analyze the smallest details of everything and may not even realize I’m looking at a tree.)

These are a couple of factors that, despite the level of balance in every other aspect of my life, have been the “glass half full” factors. You can focus on the amount of balance you do not have, or you can focus on the amount of balance you do have and maintain those things while everything else passes or is dealt with.

Two things for you to think about:
1) What are your “constants?”
2) How do you handle life’s storms?


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