North Meets South

I moved on Friday.

I moved from a snowy New York snow belt town and small community that has deeply impacted my life through some tough seasons into a hotel in a city I have visited once–two weeks ago. I drove to all of six places (new workplace, YMCA, Starbucks, mall, church, friend’s house) while I was here, and never ventured into the territory in which my hotel (because my new residence is having work done) exists. I have two friends here, as well as my mother and her fiancé here until 10am this morning. I can’t sleep and decided that now would be a good time to update you guys on some life’s journeying.
In all honesty, my move felt approximately as abrupt as my first sentence did while you read it, and just as emotionally awkward. I think social media and cell phones make moving slightly (and only slightly, in some instances) more bearable. To know I can call, log onto Facebook chat (or for those of you still living in the 90’s, AOL Instant Messenger), Twitter, or even send a quick text message to all those “left behind” really does change the perception of moving. These people are no longer inaccessible. They are no longer local, but they are within electronic reach.
Last night I was having some major personal dilemmas, and within minutes was in touch with a good friend I had met through my former workplace discussing the situation, nut butters, and kosher foods.
I think over the course of the next week or two, the reality of not having all of my precious friends physically present will set in, but it hasn’t truly yet.
I’m calling today’s adventure: “What Happens When Sarah’s Friends and Mom All Leave Town and She Has to Make New Friends”…unless I decide to just ride my bike. I think the adventure’s title will remain true, as that is sometimes how I handle needing to make friends–I avoid it by doing something I am comfortable doing. That will probably make me miss people more, because my cycling buddies really were dear to my heart and the first resemblance of community I had over the past year.
Day 1 in a new town:
I woke up and resorted to eating a gel that endurance athletes use while competing because I didn’t feel like getting breakfast…then went to Starbucks and Wal*Mart.
I have been to Starbucks five times in two days.
I have been to Wal*Mart three times in two days.
Everything is moved into the townhouse, including the big furniture and venison. While the venison almost didn’t make it, the big furniture had no choice–my grandparents got their garage back once it was moved. Freezer space was not as big of an issue.
Dinner was Golden Corral–I ate clean (yes, it IS possible to do: buffet does not have to equate to gluttonfest) and may have had a few too many jalapeños, but they were so worth feeling the digestion.
I saw the original Batmobile sell for $4,200,000.
I concluded that this cycle of Wal*Mart and Starbucks needs to be broken..but iced americanos are oh-so-good, I don’t have my own coffeemaker right now, and Wal*Mart is conveniently close to a conveniently closer Starbucks. Thankfully all I have near the townhouse is a Food Lion, so I can see the cycle ending next Friday at the latest.
This is starting to get a home-like feeling.
I think I will be okay–it’s time to pull up my big girl pants and live. Not just exist, but really live.
So, I moved on Friday to a town in which Food Lion and Wegmans not only peacefully coexist, but prosper. I’ve lived through Golden Corral and jalapeño peppers. I’ve gotten lost and still arrived where I needed to be. I’ve gotten more Starbucks than humanly necessary. I’ve gotten both traffic and culture shock.
Here’s to the start of a new adventure.



  1. Yea, Sarah. We are routing for you in the adventure!

  2. Joanne Mess · · Reply

    Sarah, always remember my heart is full of love for you. You are so often in my thoughts and always in my prayers. Aunt Joanne

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