July 1st Circuit Workout: Thrusters, RDL, Pullups, and Bonus Circuit!

The circuit that “might be kind of tough, but it really doesn’t seem that bad” on paper, and then actually doing it and spending the last half of it telling yourself “don’t puke..don’t puke..don’t puke..”
If you are in a time crunch, you can easily knock out Circuit #1 and #2 in less than 10 minutes and get a pretty solid full-body workout:
1) 1 mile jog
2) 6×3 light power cleans

Circuit #1 (5 Rounds as fast as possible–this took me 5:40):
1) Thrusters x 8 (I used 65lbs)
2) RDL x 8 (I used 135lbs)

“Not Really A Circuit” Circuit #2 (3 Rounds–this took me 2:34):
1) Pullups x 8
2) Rest as long as it took you to do the pullups (so if round 1 was 15 seconds for pullups=15 seconds rest, if round 2 was 24 seconds for pullups=24 seconds rest)

Circuit #3 (3 Rounds–I didn’t time this one but feel free to!):
1) Overhead Plate Walking Lunges x 10 each leg (I used 25lbs)
2) Pushup (if you have a stability ball or TRX straps, add a crunch) x 10
3) Squat & Med Ball Toss (as high as possible onto wall) x 10 (I used a medicine ball that was 16lbs and just let it hit the ground after it bounced off the wall)
4) TRX narrow-grip pullups (or bent rows if you don’t have the TRX option) x 15
5) Burpees x 15
6) Jumping Split Squats x 15 each leg

If you still have some time on your hands after your final circuit, go for a recovery walk and be sure to get in a solid stretching session–your body will thank you.

Enjoy! 🙂


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