Sagaciously (adverb) \sə-ˈgā-shəs-lē, si-\: caused by or performed using acute discernment
Sarah \ˈser-ə, ˈsā-rə\: Princess (Hebrew)


Sarah Ellis

(Good hair days must be documented.)

My name is Sarah.  I am the author of this blog as well as a young health and fitness professional. As the title indicates, my goal is to not only discern truth but make it practical. I am finding my way through this life and enjoying the company of all those who have surrounded me–I am especially thankful for those of you who have taken the time to invest in me personally and professionally. I hope to make you proud and represent you well. I invite you to join me in this journey! Fully aware I have not figured everything out, as I gain understanding, experience, and knowledge I really enjoy sharing it!  I truly value knowledge and understanding, and wanted the title of this blog to reflect that, as well as be the purpose of its existence.

Professional History: Graduated from Liberty University in 2009 with a degree in Kinesiology with a focus in Fitness and Exercise Science. Began working in youth fitness in 2010, setting the tone for my career path upon returning to NY. Began working exclusively in adult fitness in October, 2011, branching into personal training and adult group exercise.  I’ve had the privilege of leading multiple styles of group exercise–everything from spin to bootcamp to circuit training to classes that combine all of the above. As a personal trainer, I’ve done more program design than I could have imagined, especially for our Fat-Loss Lifestyle programming–and would gladly do it all over again. So many coworkers have invested time and knowledge in me, and much of what you read here is the fruit of that. I am looking forward to continuing in this career path and living the life I’ve been called to–NOT the status-quo!

Personal History: I was born and raised in Western New York–the upstate part of New York, just about as far as you can get away from the city while still being in New York.  My small town was literally surrounded on all sides by farms–any main route you use to leave town has at least one farm. My father was a manager at the Archway Cookie Factory, so my siblings and I frequently visited and were rewarded with Archway’s freshly baked Brownie Bars.  My town consistently smelled like either cow poop or cookies, depending on the time of year. I enjoyed the cookies a lot more. Not only was my town notorious for the cow poop and cookie smells, but also for the prowess of athletics teams. I was privileged to attend a high school with some wonderful people from the sweetest families who also shared a passion for athletics. My first organized sport was softball, and I spent the first year as well as half of the second year begging my coach to let me pitch. He succumbed to my persistence (and by “succumbed” I mean “likely got beyond annoyed, and decided that an inning or two would be enough to satisfy me”) and allowed me to pitch in one game. That was that–I was hooked. The “rivalry” with the other little league team in town was rather intense–even moreso considering I was not only classmates, but a friend of, many of my opponents on that team. The pitcher was one of my best friends, and I think that spurred me to work hard–no way my friend was going to out-perform me. I played basketball and soccer as well, and despite being a decent basketball player, softball was really my niche. Eventually I ended up with a scholarship to Liberty University and was a member of their softball team all four years. I lived in Lynchburg, VA for two years after graduation, and found myself back in NY still working in fitness and coaching softball. I am a part of a fantastic church in which Jesus is worshiped and loved, and people are also deeply loved. Still a work-in-progress, but the fact that I am in-progress means there is still hope. 🙂

My life is not only laced with awkwardness, but on some occasions is lambasted by it. It would make an entertaining movie.
I am a non-conformist by nature. If it’s popular, I’m skeptical; if it’s status-quo or expected, my initial response is to defy it.
Real-Life Example: Leggings. They caught back on during either my freshman or sophomore year of college (sometime between Fall 2005-Spring 2007). Nearly every girl on-campus had them, worn with long dress shirts or skirts (past the knees, of course) and flats. I purchased my first pair of leggings back in the springtime of 2012 (after my first flats purchased in the fall of 2011) since it appeared they weren’t going anywhere in the fashion realm. By that point I had realized them to be a very versatile item. I’m all about efficiency, so the more use I can get, the better.

Sidenote: I’m not inherently a strong endurance athlete–I can compete and keep moving, but that’s about all I can guarantee. I enjoy endurance sports tremendously and have a few good stories surrounding my experiences with them–ask me about them sometime if you have 25 minutes.
Sidenote 2: I’m easily distracted and go off on tangents, so it would be wise to set aside 30 minutes.

I firmly believe each individual is created with gifts in unique proportions to the plans God has for them–they are for each individual and his/her life to fulfill one’s calling. I don’t know that I could say I’ve been the “cookie” (you know that cookie cutter analogy–the one that implies that you have a series of individuals doing the same thing the same way) of anyone’s cutter.

My goal is to positively impact your life through genuine care, sharing hope and truth, and education.

Be a sagacious steward of all that has been entrusted to you–especially your own health and wellness so you can be the most effective YOU in everything you do!!



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