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‘Tis the Season Part 2: The Best Defense is a Good Offense?

Part 1 addressed how to eat well at parties in which you can’t control what is offered at the party—more often than not, this is the case if the party to be attended is one you have very short notice for. In casual conversation, you’re invited to a party that begins in two hours. You’re […]

I don’t have access to a gym! Help!

While I have met many people through the YMCA–both working and working out–I have met many more outside of here who have no gym membership.  A major conflict with fitness and outdoor exercise that we have in the North is called “Winter” and for those without gym access, this makes exercising difficult, and not exercising […]

The World’s Best Abdominal Exercise

Abs. Six-packs. Washboards. Everyone wants them, yet only the elite athletes who spend hours a day training seem to be able to achieve them. Nearly every Olympian, male and female, you will see has the physique we all want, including a shredded six-pack. How do we get those muscles out from “under the covers”? “Some […]