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Decisions and Commitments

“You make decisions, you live out commitments.” You have made a decision to get your health, fitness, and body composition back on-track; you are not where you want to be, not where you were, and may be frustrated with where you are (hence the resolutions), so you have made a decision to make changes. I […]


No, I am not talking about mathematical constants like Pi and Euclid’s Number, and though they would be interesting talking points philosophically, I will not geek out on you. Yet. I’m talking about constants in your life. Today was not one of my best.  I left the house feeling very defeated and frustrated because I […]

That “One Thing”

This is one of my only non-fitness related posts so far, and as much as I preach “total wellness” encompassing so much more than the physical health, I need to start branching into the other areas that contribute to overall wellness. I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately during my downtime, which has […]

Relationships and Empathy

I am not one who easily sympathizes—I am much better at empathizing.  I think this week has been great in empathy development, though I suspect life might be a little easier if I sympathized well. There are some things in life that you know are good when you have them.  My amazing girlfriends in Lynchburg […]